Saturday, January 24, 2009

General Update


I've been watching the light in the evenings seeing how light it is and when we'll be able to get over the field and start training after work and stuff. Last night there a glimmer of blue in the sky and this evening at 5pm there was a warm glow on the horizon indicating the sun had not long gone down. See the image of my street.

Things have been moving along on the nets front and I'm optimistic that next weekend (Sunday) we'll be in there for a practice. Talking to the blokes at work it also sounds like we'll have a good turn out as well as there's six of them that are up for it including me. Additionally at swimming today with the kids Thomas said that he'd be up for it as well as he's around at 12-2pm and he may even be able to get Rod the Aussie along. So our first session could see 8 of us there! That means I'll have to sort out some more stumps as all our old stumps are smashed up. With regards the final steps of the process, I've sent the our details which confirm that we agree to their terms and that should arrive back at the school by Monday. So hopefully it just means next Sunday we just turn up with the cash.


Been exercising upper body, core and shoulders and this is coming along okay. Generally fitness cardiovascular type stuff I'm probably well behing with and yet next Sunday I'm supposed to be playing 5 aside football for an hour after 2 lots of cricket - our 2 hour session in the nets and then if I get involve in Ben and Joe's nets in some way and then after dinner - the football. So really I need to do something this week - power walking or something - I may do it tonight?


Went outside the house today and later threw some balls at the swimming pool up against a wall whilst waiting for Ben and Joe. Not that successful. At best I could get the ball to go straight and found that the best results came about with a really wide fingered grip and trying to trail the fingers off the ball for as long as possible. I think I need to go back over all my previous notes in my other blog and see what the conclusions were when I was practicing a lot and beginning to get the Leg Break. I could easily get disillusioned and just go back to bowling wrong uns all the time, but I really want to persevre with this and be in a situation where I'm happy to bowl good length and line small leg breaks. So I will keep at it.

Next Weekend

If everything goes to plan we've got an exceptionally busy weekend sport-wise. Ben & Joe kick off with swimming at 3.30pm, both their sessions are staggered one after the other 1/2 hour each and while one or the other is hanging around waiting the other is having batting practice in a corridor with Thomas, some of the other Dads and me. If the weathers warmer I may even go somewhere and chuck a few overs as well.

Sunday we'll have to have early lunch as at 12.00 I've got my nets with the MPA boys. Michelle will then take Ben from there to his Karate test for his 1st belt. At 2pm I'll hopefully get Simon or Badger to give me a lift home and then we pack our gear up and head off to Fitzwymarc School in Rayleigh for an hours practice in the nets there (Joe and Ben). Back from that and it's our evening dinner and then a bit later I'm playing 5 aside football. Hold on - how old am I 28 or 38 - whoops 48!!!! I can see myself waking up with some aches and pains!! I'm just hoping I don't pull any major muscles, so there'll be some warm ups and warm downs I reckon.