Friday, January 02, 2009

How long is it till summer?

Man am I bored, mind you - not so bored that I want to go back to work! I've been ill since boxing day and spent 4 days in bed with the flu, I don't think I've done that since the 1980's! Since then I've been mooching around the house hardly doing anything - certainly haven't been out bowling or playing any form of cricket so I'm now beginning to get withdrawal symptoms and I'm waiting for the postman to send details of either Ben and Joe's pratcice arrangments or whether we're going to be able to use the sports hall at Woodlands for net practice. On both fronts I've not heard anything yet and the first 'MPA' practice is supposed to be a week tomorrow.

Other than that I've found another link to another short clip of the David Freedman on-line leg spin bowling (And others) coaching. This is the actual home for the website - but there's another useful 2 minute clip with what maybe useful coaching advice - check it out...