Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Net Fees


It's all done. The Nets sessions are confirmed and the time is 12.00 - 14.00 hrs starting this Sunday. Thereafter it'll be every other Sunday. I'll pay by cheque and you all need to bring along the cash to pay me back please.

Charging scales - Nets at the school.

The fee we get charged as you may be aware is £40.00 for the two hours. That buys us -
The nets
The Hall
The mats

What it doesn't buy us is -

Where do these come from you might be asking? Me! I had to pay for them and now they're getting worn out and scuffed and damaged and I have to replace them. Not only that - the makeshit stumps I make have to be cut up and made and needless to say painted and repaired. Have you had a look at the cost of a tin of paint these days?

So as I'm not a charity there's going to be a little bit added on top of the basic £40 to cover a small part of the costs that I incur. To this affect there's a standard scale based on how many people turn up.

4 of us turn up £10.00 each
5 of us turn up £9.00 each
6 of us turn up £7.50 each
7 of us turn up £6.50 each
8 of us turn up £6.00 each
9 of us turn up £5.50 each
10 of or more £5.00 each.

It more or less works out that I earn about £5.00 excess from each session which will go towards replacement balls, which I reckon is fair? As I recall there's the capacity for two nets with mats and one without, so we could easily accomodate more people.