Sunday, January 11, 2009

Modern Life is Crap

If you've been following the blog, you might be aware that some of the old mpa 1st XI blokes from 3 years ago now have re-kindled their desire to have a knock about and are playing around with the idea of reforming the MPA 1st XI in order that we can have a couple of games over the summer. Nothing formal - just a bunch of blokes that just might get it together to play a game and get thrashed no doubt. As part of the very loose plan I said that I'd see if I could get a venue so that we could get some practice in the nets and found somewhere we could use for 2 hours on a Saturday for 40 quid which is half the price we used to pay 3 years ago! So it was all systems go with the prospects that most weeks we'd be able to rustle up 4 of us with the chance that maybe as many as 6 or perhaps 7 could make it on the odd week? So at a push it looked like we'd have to cough up a tenner each for 2 hours practice.

But since the ball got rolling I've had an email that says we'd have to provide an insurance document - what's that all about? The last venue we used didn't ask for insurance and needless to say the venue has it's own public liability insurance so why on earth do we need insurance and what for?

It just galls me to think that you've got a situation where on one hand the government and NGO's are on banging on about the need for people to get fit and that 50% of the UK's population are over-weight and that we should all be getting more active and engaging in sport and yet when you try and do something (As we are) someone seems intent on throwing a spanner in the works. I've looked at one or two online websites and it looks as though if we go for the insurance option we're looking at 185 quid or something, so it'll kill it dead there and then.

The blokes that will get involved are the types that are just a smidgeon away from being encouraged to get involved in a team. If we could get this together - there's 2 or 3 of them that with just a bit of encouragement might make the step from here to playing regularly? Also if this happens - we'll need a cricket pitch at some point and I know for certain all the cricket pitches in our area are under threat because of under-use, no wonder when if you try and form an informal team you just seem to have the world seemingly throwing barriers in front of you rather than encouraging you!

Anyway - I'll see what happens and let you know if we get it together.