Saturday, January 03, 2009

Stuff to work on.........

One of my mates on the Internet - Virender Singh has made a couple of useful comments about my bowling which I'll be looking at working into my practice sessions. He's said.....

Hi Dave,I saw ur bowling video and ur bowling video's of side,front and back view were helpful to understand ur leg spin.Firstly u have a relaxed approach in bowling and even while bowling that is good.Is ur run up the same as in the video or more.Ur arm angle w.r.t shoulder should be close like 11-12 o'clock(from front view).One important correction is to land ur front foot toe pointing towards slips or atleast it should be straight.Currently;it is pointing towards leg side which is ideal for off spinner not for leg spin.As it will not allow ur body rotation completely as seen in this video YouTube - Someblokecalleddave wrist spin bowlingPlay and pause to check ur action very closely u will find that during the 19th second of the video.If u remember the video posted by u from youtube about beau casson leg spin.In that follow thru is mentioned very clearly and the required drill for the same.If u are able to follow thru perfectly that will put more spin to ur bowling.Also watch the batsmen till the last moment.While bowling concentrate on the Batsmen's toe for leg spin.While ur are practicing "Spot Bowling"; make sure u have the good length marked clearly so u can focus on it and practice ur line and length accordingly-which is not visible in these videos.Consider the batsmen's front foot defense and mark the spot accordingly. I hope these advice will be helpful.Practice a lot and post ur next indoor video to cross -check the same.If possible can u post the next videos in full motion as well.Virender

Since then I've found some more Beau Casson/David Freedman footage and looked at my bowling against Beau Casson's. It looks like I can get going on a few things -

1. Bowl along a line - and get the foot that is following through to come over and round and land on the same line. Virender advises that If I'm looking to produce Leg Breaks make it land slightly pointing to slips.

2. General speed and whipping the arm over needs to be more dynamic with the arm coming through all the way up into the arm pit.

3. Release of the ball needs to be at 10-11 o'clock for the Leg Break.

4. The stride I use is okay on release but I need to be aware of making maximum use of height in the stride keeping the leading arm up high and straight.

If we get in the nets next weekend and I've recovered sufficiently from the flu I'll give some of this a go and film it too.