Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Net designs

Got up this morning and noted that it was light at 7.30 and saw on the weather that the sun rises at 7.28, so more psycologically nice indicators that spring is on it's way.

I didn't mention that on Sunday I did a pitch inspection over at the field where we play cricket. I had a bit of finding the markers that indicate where the wicket used to be but eventually found them. The actual pitch itself looks as though it was used at the weekend at some point which must be the first time in ages, but following weeks of wet, snow and frost the imapct of the match on the field has been quite dramatic and it does look a mess. The outfield is worse and it seems the square in the middle looks as though it's one of the lesser damaged areas, but it still doesn't look that good. Underfoot despite all the wet recently it doesn't feel that soft, so how much the affect the roller will have I'm not sure. We'll just have to see how the usage and weather affects it over the next few months.

Net Plans

I've been trying to design a net to use for erecting on a field with the intention of putting it up on 5 Tree field or somewhere. I've initially designed it to be either the full length of a wicket 66' or 2/3rds 44'. But looking around on the internet it appears that some of the bays they sell are pretty short, so at the minute I'm undecided about how big the nets will be? I'm erring towards a 66 footer. I've been able to source most of the stuff on the internet and it appears that it wont cost that much and the most awkward parts to transport will be the posts which I'll be able to bundle up and put on my roof rack (Estate Car). The nets I can get for £35 that's 3mtrs x 50 mtrs which is more than enough. The most expensive bit may be the wood as we'll need up to 8 posts which need to be around 3 mtrs in length and fairly sturdy. At the minute I'm not able to ascertain whether I can get 3 mtr posts.

£35.00 Nets 3mtrs x 50mtrs
8 post 2" x 2" x 3 mtrs
2 support beams 2.6 mtrs 2"x2"
60 mtrs of heavy duty cord or light nylon rope
4 big stakes
2 Rachet straps to make the whole thing taut.
Big hammer.

I've also got to decide whether the rope will be a permanent part of the net or whether we put the support structure up and then hang the nets, which may be easier? I also reckon I'll contact the council and see what they think about us erecting the nets. I can't see that there'll be that much of a problem as they allow the rest of the world to put up goal posts and Gazebo's and the like. What I'll have to do is go and look at the byelaws. The only thing I can think of is there may be something along the lines of you're not to put up tents or temporary structure - but then what's the score with everyone else putting up the afore-mentioned items? It's worth a shot?