Friday, May 04, 2007

15 Days to go..

Gavin the captian of sports science is in the process of ordering the balls for the match and we're going for Orange coloured balls because we're wearing Dark Blue and I think they're wearing white or light blue and they want to be able to see the ball (All very professional). These balls are £15 each approx so we may have to stump up 50% of the cash for them and he's looking at buying 4 of them. We'll either take it out of the subs or do as I said on the day we'll all pay £5.00 to play anyway and pay for them that way and the remainder goes in the subs.

He did also mention not to park in the car park unless of course you want your windows put through, so keep that in mind when you turn up.

Again Nakul and me had a bit of a practice with the emphasis being Nakul batting and I'm able to report that I got a few times which was nice. I'm not going to go into any detail from now on as I'm in the process of fine tuning my bowling and I'm now beginning to get results by varying the balls between the Flipper, Over-spinner, Slider and Wrong Un.

Towards the end of the session Nakul bowled against me and bowled me three or four times in quick succession, once I got into the swing of it I did better. But it's a case of as soon as you get to the crease you've got to be ready as far as he's concerned otherwise he has you with the first or second ball! Nakul has got to be a part of our bowling strategy which means we've got almost a team of bowlers!

Badger - Medium Pace swing/seamer
Rod - Medium Pace swing/seamer
Simon - Medium/Fast
Alex - Fast
Thomas - Fast (left arm)
Dave - Leg Spin
Nakul - 'Fast Spin bowler'