Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not long now..........

Not long now till the first game with the Aussies and Kiwis. The preparation is coming together and there's only a few things to iron out. Money - I need a fiver from everyone that was at the last practice and on Saturday It'll be a tenner so basically I need £15 off of everyone this Saturday which'll go towards the food on match day.

Team Sheet

Again to go over the team selection and no doubt at some point Alex is going to have to over the order in which we play, but as it stands it's still this....

Thomas Slater
Mark Soye
Richard Sainsbury
Rod Jeanes
Alex Wood
Simon Grainge
Dave Thompson
Nakul Handa

Personally having seen Nakul bat a bit I reckon he should be further up the order. If you're aware that someone in the team doesn't check the blog and might not realise the game is only just over a week away - can you text them or phone them to make sure they know and feed back to me whether they're going to be there please?

The 12th Man

We need a 12th man who might also serve as a scorer but also for injuries and in the event that someone doesn't turn up. Any ideas..... Customs Paul? Darren Hart? Either of you fancy it?

Last Net Practice & formal training opportunity

Needless to say this Saturday is our last opportunity to have any practice, hopefully you'll have all taken on board the advice in the links I posted in the last entry on the blog. We've only got an hour in the nets on Saturday at 10.00hrs so we need to be there early and set up and ready to go at 10.00hrs. If we all have 5 minutes each having the ball thrown at us that'll take up the hour, so we need to have the next person up and ready to bat while the first one is batting for his 5 minutes. Once you've batted you then do five minutes of ball collecting and then join the bowlers.

Everybody needs to understand that you face up to the bowler standing in front of the stumps and if the ball looks threatening you defend it. If it's going wide you hit it and do so in a way that it's not going to get caught, so try and keep it low. You need to move around using your feet to get into position to defend the ball or hit it, try and do this in practice. If you're afraid of being hit by the ball at this stage maybe crickets not for you or you need to think about getting a helmet and wearing a box, maybe even thigh pads or forearm pads?

Running between wicket only use the words Yes No and Wait don't say 'go' as it sound like 'no'

If the ball goes behind you - the other batsman calls as he can see where it's going, as you run you need to look where the ball has gone and be aware of how it's being fielded. In short have a look at the video links and watch them again and again until you know the drills.

Everyone needs to watch the fielding videos, don't watch East Enders or whatever crap there is on the tele get on-line and watch these videos over and over till you can recite the words like a living coaching manual. Then next week if you can get together with someone and practice even if it's tennis balls!

Umpires - LBW & Wides

Tony Sweeney is umpiring for us and they're providing the second umpire. LBW decisions it seems will be the most contentious point and I still need to consult with people as to what the consensus will be, some games at our level don't even include LBW as a rule because of the nature of how iffy the decisions can be. This is something we need to discuss before the match? See ref 6,7 and 8 Also note that there are issues regarding wides - anyone have any idea what might arise as an issue over wides? Do the umpires have specific roles?


The ball has been ordered for the match and it's been agreed that they'll supply another, hopefully they'll use the same Slazenger Crown Match ball. If we lose any balls it'll be down to using a cheap one as we usually do.

Match Fees & Food

There will be food and tea provided at the end of the first 50 overs. Someone will have to provide this, I'll be speaking to Gillian at Welstead tomorrow to see how much this is going to cost. Our match fees will be £10 each on the Sunday. The other team will be chipping in £3 each towards the food. Ideally we'd sort and bring our own food but I don't seem to have any volunteers to who are prepared to do this? I'll keep you posted as to what's happening regarding this.

Pitch inspection

I'm going to try and get over there tomorrow if possible either in the morning after about 11am or maybe later in the evening and have a look. In the images that are available it looks like a mud wicket free of grass, but it could be a green wicket at this time of year?

You Tube - Don't you just love it!

Here's a real non - cricket treat - give it a minute and it kicks in - literally! and there's tons of it! This could be a whole new blog subject!