Thursday, May 17, 2007

2 Days to go

2 days to go and things are still all up in the air! We're still in a situation where we've got 10 men but there's hoards of blokes waiting to take up the final two places. What do we do? The captains no where to be seen and management decisions need to be made. Options available to us....

Chris and his mates - 3 sixteen year old blokes who all play for their school and have been playing competitive cricket for a couple of years and all bowl very fast and very accurately. Chris is in the queue first as he came forward first.

Thomas has got a bloke that might be up for it - he's played a bit of cricket.

Alex has got a mate who's an Aussie that's played a bit of cricket who might be interested.

Personally I'd go for Chris and his mates as they're available and practicing with Nakul and me every night over at Great Berry.

But then if we sign them up as such we'll be in a situation where we'll have 14 blokes all wanting to play cricket come the next match on June 1st. What do we do then?

Rain stops play.......

Watching the BBC weather report it looks like we may get luck with the weather on Sunday. But the ground is damp underfoot and even if it doesn't rain Friday and Saturday the ambient temperature is only going to be 20 degrees so the chances of the ground drying out are fairly slim. Now I don't know what kind of conditions cause groundsmen to call off cricket matches or whether Welstead Gardens cover the wicket when it rains, but I've had an email saying that I've got to ring Welstead mid-day on Saturday to find out whether the match is on or not. I've got a feeling that if that there's any chance that they might be justified in calling it off they will because Sunday is over-time for the staff there and I don't think they get paid double time or anything.

Contingency Plan.......

If that happens - the food will still have been paid for and will be made unless we say don't bother, but I can't see the caterer giving us a refund in full. So I suggest that if that does happen and it's not actually raining we all pile over to Great Berry and have a knock about there all afternoon and a bit of a picnic. If someone's got a gazeebo or two bring them along, maybe a Bar B Que - the pitch isn't too far from the railway station so people could come by train and have a drink? It's a chance for all the team to meet up and also see these Lads bowl, field and wicket and put us old blokes to shame. Come on you know you wanna!