Sunday, May 27, 2007

4 Days to go........

It's been a wet Sunday and it predicted to get worse over night. It's been raining more or less all day since 7am when I work up, so the wickets will have had a good soaking and I'm tempted to take the roller over there tomorrow and have a bit of a roll and see if I can smooth it out a little more. I'll see what happens tomorrow and see how I feel. Lets hope that by Friday the weather will have cleared up and Welsteads ready for the match.

Hopefully we'll be able to get some practice in during the evenings later in the week - possibly Wednesday or Thursday evenings - Alex is talking about having a couple of practice sessions over at Great Berry and getting as many of us over there for it as we need it because of our dismal fielding and catching. I'd also like to put my 'Bowling with your eyes closed theory' into practice and see if I can replicate what happened yesterday.