Friday, May 25, 2007

6 Days to go............

It looks like we’ve got a game on our hands with Sports Science. Several of them as expected are quite handy with the bat – Dean, Gavin, the big bloke with the sandy coloured hair and ‘Conan’ the Kiwi. Dean was especially good hitting 2 or 3 sixes and he’s their wicket keeper and he’s good at that as well. Looking for positives it looks like our strength is going to be our bowling and sooner we get Rod in the team the better. It’s going to be pretty difficult and if our bowling is ineffective we’ll lose it because they’re good in the field as we expected they would be – taking catches and running balls down, backing up, good and accurate throwing with lots of trying to throw the ball at the stumps while the batsman is running and being successful – full commitment.

The bowling was pretty one dimensional being medium pace but they do have a ringer who may bowl leg-spin so we might be in trouble there?

Other than that we won SEEC v SEEVIC with Richard and me making contributions to the wicket taking. Richard caught one off of Conan’s bowling in the slips – slower ball hitting it up in the air. I did a similar loopy ball when I was bowling and that was caught at cover point by Gavin. Batting - both me and Ricahard went for Ducks. But I've got to say in Richards defence he was possibly the unluckiest bloke in town. He had a ball sit up nice for him and he copped hold of it nicely. Unfortunately there was a bloke standing at somewhere between silly point and silly mid-off and the ball went straight at him at chest level and hit the bloke sqaure in the middle of his chest - he didn't even have time to get his hands there, but the ball bounced out of his chest probably having hit him at 70mph and he had the determination and constitution to try and catch if off the rebound and he did!

My bowling was a bit ragged and too long and for some reason I just couldn't do those super fast flippers that I normally do and my wrong uns which I reverted to were crap as well. I didn't do the little jump thing that's needed and it all went pear shaped.

What I have got to overcome as a bowler is the tendency to bowl crap with my first and often only over. Somehow you've got to be in there doing it from the outset - it maybe that as I'm new to this I'm overcome with the excitement of being given the opportunity to bowl on top of being nervous in case I get it wrong. Because it is slow it's obvious that the batsman is going to attack the ball and you are going to give runs away - but then that's a part of the whole deceit thing. It's like the bloke that got me today -one went really wide and he said..
"You didn't fancy that then"? He then bowled a straight one through the air that didn't turn when it hit the deck and I defended it okay. The third ball looked safe as well but then hit my body around about hip height and glanced off and hit the stumps - gutted - a duck. But the bloke looked confident and was chatty and I think this is something we don't do that we need to step up. I noticed sports science all the way through were very positive - especially Gavin, but with some ribbing when players fielded the ball a bit slowly.

So how do i resolve the bowling thing? Could it be rectified by bowling before the match starts? Would that be sufficient if I was to bowl 4 or 5 overs before the game started - and then what if I didn't get to bowl for over an hour later? I feel that if I was to bowl I'd like to do it with 2 spells of 3 overs allowing me to draw the batsman in, but you know that as a spin bowler you are going to concede runs. I suppose in the short term I've got to somehow get over the nerves thing and get straight into the groove, so I'm going to have to try the practice and then not bowl for an hour thing and see if it works - or do the thing where in the 2 overs running up to your over the rest of the team throw the ball back to you on the way back to the current bowler, so that you get a chance to warm up a bit.