Monday, May 28, 2007

3 days left.......

3 more full days in which to have a practice and looking more and more unlikely by the hour. It's 8pm and it looks like the rain at last has stopped and I'm tempted to get the roller out and roll the wicket, but it's so bloody cold so I may stay here and blog instead. Apparently at Headingly it was 7 degrees celcius - the coldest test match ever played. It's not nice.

The weather is predicted to cheer up in the short term but return to showers by Thursday which sounds ominous for Friday. So far both my matches have been played against the backdrop of the threat of rain and both have been okay, so lets hope the situation remains and I have my third match in similar conditions or sunnier.

Anyone out there know a good way of making a DIY roller and what kind of size limit would be right to enable two blokes to pull it up and down a wicket? Half the trouble with my roller is that it's small and it doesn't make that much impact on the pitch. If I could make a biggun on the cheap and chain it to a tree and leave it at the field I'd be more inclined to use it!