Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shirt News, Helmets & Money

I've been out and bought shirts - so when you want to buy yours you'll need to come and see me direct as I've bought the shops supply. So far people with shirts -


People without shirts....

Badger (unless he bought his own)
The 11th Man
The 12th Man

The money situation is as follows - on Saturday a discussioon ensued at the end of the practice regarding what we would do about the Tea on Sunday. As it was Richard and Me were going to try and sort it out with me having to cook stuff on the Staurday before (remember I'm married with two kids that's more wives and kids than the rest of you with the exception of Rod and Thomas who don't get involved with any of this organising) and Richard doing some of the buying and preparing as well. Thankfully the rest of the team saw fit to realise that was potentially unfair and said we'd organise a caterer (Which we'd already looked into and got a quote for) so they went for the caterer we'd already contacted. So for £66 we've got someone who's going to sort all the food out and Welstead are going to supply endless/pots cups of tea for £22.

The Catering takes our cash balance down to £46 (but there's still £20 owed by 2 of the team). There's a lot of people claiming to be skint so over this weekend (net practice and match) I propose we all pay £10 each which'll put us back into a figure of about £144 cash surplus. Simon has suggested we get 'Team Helmets' and there's a brand you buy off of the internet for £24 each. Question is how many and what size? Will people wear them as they're going to be mighty sweaty?

Can you buy helmet inners - that you could wear on your head before you put the sweaty helmet on? Consultation is needed.

Oh - and I just found this http://www.crawleycricket.co.uk/tea_tips.htm I think we've probably gone a bit over the top for our first attempt - but then too much is better than too little and we'll learn by our mistakes.