Wednesday, May 23, 2007

8 Days to go

Tonight I went over to Great Berry and prepared the wickets for the weekend - so there's another job that I do - Green Keeper! I cut two wickets so there's a choice. They've both been cut too long so that there's an option of positioning the stumps so that I can bowl into the rough with my Wrong Un's. I had a quick go and it seemed okay, but I couldn't get as much turn on the ball as I did last night, but then again I wasn't warmed up or anything. I'll look forward to having a go next week.

No-one as yet has mentioned going along and supporting Sports Science and seeing how good they are. I want to go as I also want to see if I get my stump back. The stump I was bowling to at the start of the match in the outfield is one of the stumps from my best set. Who-ever it was who removed it didn't put it back with all the other gear and now it's missing and Welstead say they've not seen it. Rumour has it someone put it down next to the screen? Gutted.