Tuesday, May 22, 2007

9 Days to go

I spoke to Gavin today and Ronnie Bridges from Sports Science and they've got a match at Welstead this Friday a 20/20 match against SEEVIC college. So they're obviously getting into the swing of things and it'd be interesting to go down there and give them some support and also have a look at their players and see how handy they are? What do you reckon I know Naughty's up for it and I might go along it'll make a change from going to O'Neils?

But... and this also applies to our fixture on June 1st. Welstead have a private function going on at the same time Friday night and the bar has been hired out so the procedure is you have to send someone in with a list of what you want and someone will bring the beers out to us on the patio which is a shame but we can work round it?

We have got a scheduled practice for this Sunday at Great Berry 10.00 am till 1.00pm (£5.00 subs) and it's the last opportunity to practice (Especially catching) before the sports science match the following Friday. But for the first time ever I'm probably going to have to let you all down and not be there as I'm going camping with my family. Which is a shame because I know the Great Berry Lads are going to be there and want to join in with a view to being in the team. One of them 'Chris' Has definitely got a place in the team on June 1st to replace Rod.

Someone will have to come and collect all the gear on Thursday night or Saturday morning form me.

At the moment there's two wickets designated the newer one does seem slightly flatter than the old one, but on Thursday night I'll probably mow both of them ready for Sunday. What I am going to do is shift the old wicket slightly towards the 'Pavillion' and further north so that the muddy patch ends up where my Wrong Uns land so I can experiment with pitching them into the rough. This will also be useful as there's a rough bit that causes the faster balls to pitch up dangerously as it is at the moment and shifting it may have alleviate that?

We had a good session tonight especially me with my bowling as my wrong-uns were really turning well and I took several wickets which was good inlcuding Nakul a few times. As well as the Wrong Uns the sliders were working nicely as well. Alex you gotta let me have my quota on June 1st somewhere around the 4th or 5th man - I'll take wickets!

Oh yeah I ordered us a score book £15 and it's good for a 100 games.