Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stuff to sort

Team Sheet This needs to be confirmed and the players need to commit to being there on the day. It's Sunday 12.30 20th May at Welstead Gardens

We need to have players confirming that they are going to be there. The team as far as I'm aware is - Thomas Slater, Mark Soye, Rod Jeanes, Badger Keeble, Richard Stainsbury (W), Alex Wood (C), Simon Grainge, Dave Thompson, 'Trevor', Nick 'Naughty' Oconnor and Nakul Handa. We also need a few more people on standby in the event that someone lets us down or we have injuries - 'Customs Paul', Darren Hart, Tom Dick, Steve Bone, Carl Hodgson, Alex's brother and anyone else that has shown an interest in the last 6 months.

So those on the team sheet first eleven - can you all get back to me and confirm that you will be playing on the day please and start to get your stuff organised. Be prepared to be there till it gets dark (More than likely it'll be over within a few hours or at least by 6pm).

Umpire - Tony Sweeney - Richard needs to talk to the other team and see if they're okay with that.

Scorers - This'll have to be down to trust as the fielding side will probably be changing the score board and keeping scores, hopefully a couple of the opposing team will be on had to watch as well. I've also got small Walkie Talkies so that the umpire can communicate with the scorers and vice versa in the event of anything being unclear.

Balls - Ettiquette it seems dictates that the host side (us) supply the balls - should we provide good balls for the match or stick with the £5.00 jobs - again Richard needs to talk to the Aussies & Kiwi's.

Cucumber Sandwiches and refreshments (Tea and stuff) is down to us as the hosts, but the visiting side pay for it?

Arrival times - 12.30 - (or earlier if we're going to practice a bit).

Match starting time 13.00 hrs

Kit - Seems as though we're wearing Dark/navy blue polo tops or Dark Navy blue and the same for shorts or track suit bottoms. (Personally I think we should go for whites).

Overs counter Do we need to buy one for Tony?

Helmets - I'd advise you get yourself one along with your own bat and box