Wednesday, May 02, 2007

17 Days to go

Another hour and half out on the field tonight with Nakul. He batted I bowled.

18 overs and I only got him out twice! Although saying that he hit a few skyers that with fielders in close he'd have probably been caught 4 or five times and in a more competitive mode I may have also caught him once or twice off my bowling, so overall not so bad from my point of view.

Wides - 9.9%
Good balls - 13.6%
Strikes 1.8%

So the wides are coming down and Nakul said that the bowling was pretty good. I varied it quite a bit and threw in some Under-spinners which were interesting and the Wrong Uns were a bit tricky as well. The under-spinners look like they've got some potential and mya spend a whole session soon trying them out as they are accurate and very tricky forcing the batsman to defend.

Nakuls batting was good, anything wide or short he was skipping around and knocking them for 4's on a very regular basis, so I had to tighten up the bowling and go for the faster balls and vary it a lot.

Tomorrow night it'll be my turn to bat and I'll report how I do.........

Sports Science Match 29 days away.......