Monday, May 07, 2007

LBW umpiring

I found this on the Westcliff CC website...

It seems to be (as we're aware) that getting a neutral umpire isn't that easy especially when you're not playing in a league and you're not the first XI. We were talking about the idea that we umpire ourselves, the umpire being the 11th batsman or similar maybe the 12th man and just do it on an honesty basis? Have a read and see what they say and how they resolve it -

I am not sure what happens in 2nd & 3rd X1s who also use players as umpires but in the 4th team premier league we are now virtually playing without the LBW law. It would be an interesting comparison to take all the matches in a 1st X1 league controlled by independent umpires and compare that to what’s happening in our league this year and see the difference in the number of LBW decisions.It is getting worse each season and in some cases there must be instructions to players before they go out to “keep their fingers in their pockets”. This is making it worse because the side fielding first often set the agenda on these decisions and on wides. The aggrieved side batting second will often react in a similar vein.I am not sure what the answer is and some sides are better than others but unless the captains take control of this situation then what next, only catches off the middle of the bat are out!! The problem is, it’s the Captains that are giving the instructions in the first place.Nick Watsons’ personal view.Hutton Cricket Club.

Ref. 8.
In reply to Nick ref 7........
I must be unlucky 'cos I was given out LBW twice this season, once by Nick!
I have to say that I think this season was better than last in respect to LBWs and catches behind. Several batsmen have walked this year and I can only think of one occasion when a "plumb" LBW wasn't given. Even then this was a cock-up by an inexperienced player and the Ardleigh Green skipper has the decency to apologise - in fact, he nearly walked!
I think the introduction of statistics on decisions given by each team would help as would an effort by players to learn the laws. How often have people being given out LBW, come back and complained "but I was playing shot" as if this makes them immune.
In addition, it's up to us older players to help by not putting youngsters in the position of having to umpire in pressure situations.
Other than that I think we have to accept that bowlers will get fewer LBWs in the lower leagues than with neutral umpires.
Jim Lynch
Hutton CC
4th XI Captain 2006