Monday, May 14, 2007


Blimey - 3 of the young blokes that live around the Great Berry area joined us tonight and threw a few balls. The first bloke Chris bowled me clean out 3 times in about 8 balls! Nakul and me just looked at each other with our jaws on the floor!

Then the other two who's names I've forgotten had a go and similarly they were fast and accurate. Now I thought Thomas was fast but these blokes were equally fast if not faster but also really accurate. But it gets better. While they were bowling one of the others (Who doesn't claim to be a wicket keeper - whereas Chris does) was wicket keeping with no helmet and no gum shields only a few yards back from the stumps and he was collecting the balls in almost darkness!

It was scary how good they were! So here we are as a team looking for 2 more blokes (possibly 3) and here's 3 young blokes all seemingly fit, agile and fast that already play cricket that look like they might be able to put us all to shame? Which is kind of worrying and makes me reflect on how bad we may actually be as a team? I'm now tempted to sign up this bloke Chris as the No.11 if he proves to be handy with the bat. Before he'd let rip with the bowling he'd said "I'm an average bowler" and he describes himself as an average batsman. So Nakul and me have invited them all over for the next few nights and we'll see how they do with the bat and we'll also face them with the bowling and see how long it takes to get used to them and see if they're tactical at all with their bowling.

But..... ECB rules dictate certain safety conditions when under 18's play in adult games...

9 Helmets
Any player under the age of 18 playing in any ECB
Competition must wear a helmet with a faceguard when
batting and when standing up to the stumps when
keeping wicket against a hard ball. If, in exceptional
circumstances, consent for a player not to wear a helmet
has been given in writing by a parent or guardian and
accepted by the club or County, that player must be
identified on the signed team sheet provided to the
umpires prior to the start of each match. Parental
consent cannot be given if a player under the age of
18 is playing in an adult match.


2 ECB Fast Bowling Directives
The ECB Fast Bowling Directives will apply to all
matches in all ECB Competitions subject to 2.1 below.
Age Maximum overs Maximum overs
per spell per day

U16, U17 6 overs per spell 18 overs per day
U18, U19 7 overs per spell 21 overs per day
For the purposes of these Directives a fast bowler is
defined as a bowler to whom a wicket keeper in the same
age group would in normal circumstances stand back
to take the ball.
Team Managers and/or Captains are responsible for
providing the umpires with a team sheet showing the
ages of any player who is aged Under 19 or below before
the toss for innings takes place.
Umpires are requested to ensure that this Playing
Condition is strictly adhered to in all circumstances.
2.1 In matches of 20 overs or less per team where the
competition regulations only allow bowlers to bowl less
than or equal to the number of overs specified as the
maximum in a spell in the Directives the provisions
requiring an equivalent number of overs from the same
end to have elapsed before a subsequent spell can
commence shall not apply (e.g. in any age group
competition where a maximum of 4 overs per bowler is
allowed these may be bowled at any time in the innings
irrespective of the number of spells bowled).

5.5 In addition any young player in the Under 16 to Under 18
age groups, who has not reached the age of 18, must
wear a helmet when fielding within 6 yards (5.5 metres)
of the bat, except behind the wicket on the off side.
Players should wear appropriate protective equipment
whenever they are fielding in a position where they feelat risk.

Team Kit

Tomorrow because of the fact that the time is running out and no-one else seems to give a **** about the Team Strip I'm going to spend my own money and buy 10 'Large' sized shirts and you can buy them all off me.

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