Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MPA 1st XI team constitution

It seems that we're now sourcing our players from a wider circle of people. Initially it was just MPA staff (South East Essex College) and their direct friends but because of the fact that we're practicing outside we're being approached by people that just want to have a game of cricket and not have to make the kind of commitment you do when you want to join a team that is affiliated to a league.

Because of this increased interest and the potential to grow into something slightly bigger I've decided that we need to produce some kind of description of what we are, what we're doing and what we're about, especially in view of the fact that we may be on the verge of allowing under 18 players to join us.

We are primarily FE Education lecturers that work at South East Essex College, Southend. Currently seven members of the team are drawn from the college and we all work and lecture in Media (Photography, Music Technology, Film and Media studies) and as such we all hold CRB certificates. The remainder of the team are friends or ex students form the college. The age range is 23 - 46.

The majority of us have never played cricket before and the rest have played cricket at different levels whilst at school. The team was formed in Nov 2006 and we've spent the winter practicing in the nets and recently through the spring out on Great Berry Open Space. Half of the team are based in Southend, the other half in Basildon and one from London.

Club Cricket Conference grading criteria would have us described as ....

‘Weak’ - Probably a one-off side with very occasional players or sides with four or more vets/colts or a club’s 3rd or 4th X1 with a ‘give everyone a game policy’.


To hold together as a team through to the end of this season and then review what will happen over the winter period (I'm expecting the team to continue into a second winter nets period).


We have currently 4 fixtures through May up till July 1st. As of mid July because most of us work in education and we'll be on holiday through to Mid August. We'll then be looking to arrange more fixtures through August to early October. (See Blog for fixture dates).

Equipment & Finance

Most of the equipment is mine and I'm quite happy to let people use it, but as it wears out I do expect it to be replaced. During the winter we practice at James Hornsby school in the nets every fortnight (2 hours) and this costs £70. Cricket pitches have hire fees, Home matches (We've not had any away matches) dictate that we supply teas and the balls for the match and there are the ocassional miscellaneous costs. Therefore we've adopted a system whereby we pay subscription fees

£5.00 each to attend formal summer practice sessions
£10.00 fee for Sunday matches 50 overs
£5.00 fee for Friday matches 20/20
£10.00 fee for net practice sessions

Formal summer practice sessions
Schedule -

  • Saturday 19th May - James Hornsby School (Net Practice) £5.00 fee, 11.00 - 12.00am
  • Sunday May 27th - Great Berry Open Space 10.00 - 13.00 hrs £5.00 fee
  • Sunday June 10th - Great Berry Open Space 10.00 - 13.00 hrs £5.00 fee
  • Sunday June 24th - Great Berry Open Space 10.00 - 13.00 hrs £5.00 fee

Sunday May 27th falls on the Whitsun Bank holiday subject to how many people may be away that weekend as it's the bank holiday this session may be cancelled or re-scheduled.

Formal practice sessions should be attended by all team members as this is our primary way of raising funds and is essential for training and team selection.


  • Sunday 20th May - Welstead Gardens (Aussies & Kiwis match) 12.30 - 50 overs match £5.00 fee
  • Friday 1st June - Welstead Gardens (Sports Science Match) 5.30pm 20/20 match. £5.00 fee
  • Friday 15th June - Welstead Gardens (Sports Science Match) 5.30pm 20/20 match. £5.00 fee
  • Sunday 1st July - Welstead Gardens (Sports Science Match) 12.30pm 50 overs match. £10.00 fee

The cash raised through the match and practice fees goes towards equipment such as stumps, bails, balls. Catering for the matches and pitch hire. We're currently discussing the option of buying team helmets and how practical that is. Any surplus money at the end of the season we're hoping to have an event such as a team Bar B Que.

I issue a statement as to how much money we have in the kitty after each practice session and anyone wishing to have the excel spreadsheet sent to them showing the accounts and how the money is being spent only has to ask and I'll send them the current spreadsheet.

Under 18 policy

As we're not affiliated to any league or formal cricket organisation we're not subject to the rules laid down by the ECB. Having stated that it's probably sensible to adopt as many of the rules as we can with regards to H&S. Therefore.

  • Under 18's must adhere to the ECB rules regarding the wearing of helmets and abdominal protection in competitive games.
  • Under 18's must provide the captain with a letter of consent from the parents indemnifying the team against any responsibility for injury occuring during normal match play acknowledging that the matches will be played with adults.
  • Team members of the MPA 1st XI will offer to the parents on request CRB certificates. (2 normally required as per ECB rules).

Decisions regarding how the team is run is usually by general consensus after discussion during practice sessions. If you want a say in how it's run and how the money is spent you will need to be involved.

Dave Thompson