Tuesday, May 29, 2007

2 Days to go & match stats

Doesn't look good with regards the weather. Rain again all day today on and off and very cold, so little opportunity for the ground to dry out. I'm not holding much hope out as it's more of the same tomorrow and probably Friday too.

Other than that the Aussies and Kiwi's have issued us with a copy of the match statistics so here we go........

MPA first Eleven v's Antsac's

279 for 9 (Antsacs) 30 overs
72 for 9 MPA 30 overs

In batting order.......

Richard 0 - Bowled
Simon 18 - Caught
Thomas 1 - Bowled
Nakul 24 - Bowled
Boffa 2 - Bowled
Dave 9 - LBW
Mark 6 - Not out
Badger 1 - Stumped
Alex 0 - Caught
Nick 0 - Run out
Trevor 2 - Not out

Bowling stats haven't been recorded adequately

It looks like Badger bowled 1
Someone caught 1
Nakul bowled 2
Simon bowled and someone else caught the ball?

They were drinking so the details are not that clear.

We've now got our own scoring book so I'd imagine that both sides would keep score?