Saturday, May 12, 2007

Our kit/strip

Just a quick update till later in the day when I can get on here properly. A good session today despite the threatening weather we had 2.5 hours without rain and 9 turned up so a real result.

So this is our kit. The shirts are £6.00 each and they're from Primark so get yourselves down there and buy yourselves a shirt. The team's not going to pay for it, so it's a case of buy it yourself or if you can't get to Primark bewteen now and Sunday email me and let me know your size and I'll get it for you and you can pay me back.

Either dark blue/black jogging bottoms or dark blue/black shorts.

If you buy a helmet go for Dark blue as well. They've got helmets in JJB Sports in Southend and Basildon, but they're not cheap - but then neither is a ball in the teeth at 70mph?

Don't forget - get yourself a box and if you can stretch to it cricket shoes with spikes - again you'll be buying them at the wrong time of year - i did post links back in November for a place on ebay that was selling them new for £10. The more protection you have the more confidence you'll have to face up to the fast balls and there's only going to be you and the other batsman out there when your batting amongst all the sledging and pressure, so the more you can do to boost your sense of confidence the better.