Thursday, May 24, 2007

7 Days to go........

No cricket tonight ended up working late at the college. Some good news as far as Richard and me are concerned. Earlier today I mentioned to Gavin (the captain of Sports Science) that a few of us might go over to Welstead and watch them playing SEEVIC (Another FE college in the Southend area). The impression I've got of SEEVIC's team is that they're quite a strong team, they turned down the chance of playing us and I get the impression that they might be a specialist college when it comes to Sports? So.... later in the day I had an Email from Gavin saying that they were short of players, so I offered my services to him and then spoke to Richard and he said he was up for it as well. We checked it out with Gavin and sure enough he's going to give us a knock - which was nice.

So Sainsbury and me - we're going to be playing SEEVIC tomorrow night at Welstead 20/20. Chances are we're going to be down at the bottom order so we may not get a bat, but it'll be good to be out there fielding at least and perhaps I might to throw some balls - Wrong Un's, Sliders, Over-spinners and the dreaded Flippers? I'm liking my combo's of Flippers down the off side followed up with a big old wrong-un which catches them out with either hitting it up in the air cos it's short or it just turns into the stumps. The flippers leading up to it aint so easy either. Unlikely that I'll get a chance but it'll be good if I do?

The other good thing is I'll be able to get the inside story on Sports Science - are they beatable?

Hopefull while we're over there I'll be able to find my glove and stumps and pay off Gillian for the teas as we've still got that to do.

So MPA first eleven barmy army - instead of going down O'Neils or the Courtyard or whatever it's called come and have a look at the opposition for next Friday!

Sports Science
Friday 25th May
Welstead Gardens
20/20 Match
5.30 start?