Monday, April 30, 2007

19 Days to go............

19 Days to go now till the first game against the Aussies and Kiwi's. The question is are we ready? I think we're ready to bowl and I expect that we'll do well with the bowling. This evening I was talking to Ian (one of the blokes I practice with over at Great Berry in the evenings) about the difference the pitch will make. He was saying that it will be a lot easier to bat on a real wicket because of the fact that there wont be as much sideways deviation as Thomas was suggesting. I suppose the truth is we wont know till we get out there.

What will we do if we win the toss? Will we put them in to bat first, so that we know what we're chasing when it's our turn to bat? As we get nearer the date we need to know who's going to be playing. So far it seems to be.... (In order of appearance)

1. Thomas
2. Mark
3. Richard
4. Rod
5. Badger
6. Simon
7. Alex
8. Dave
9. Naughty
10. Trevor
11. Nakul

We need the people on the list above to confirm that they'll be playing otherwise we'll need to get people such as Darren, 'Customs' Paul to step in. Ideally they'll be there anyway to watch and cheer us on and maybe help Derek to keep scores. One thing I do want to do is go over to Welstead and have a look at it and see how small it really is.

Anyway on to tonights Practice session. Before anyone turned up I threw 66 balls and got the following results.

12% Wides
8% Strikes
24% Good Balls

I don't know if it's the case that more I throw balls at the same people they get used to it, because once I've got people standing in the wicket batting against me I'm having very little success, although I am still producing balls that I'm able to catch or nick edges and fly up for potentially easy catches. It's a bit depressing yet at the same time I'm throwing far fewer wides and hitting the stumps a lot more frequently or only just missing. On a more positive note I think my batting is getting better.