Wednesday, April 11, 2007

37 Days to go......

I may have a potential No.11! I've emailed Dan Newman (One of the AL's on the Media Team) asking if he'd be interested in playing and I've had a reply saying that he might be. It seems he played a bit of cricket at school so another potential expert who played as recently as maybe 15-20 years ago so he'll fit in to the team nicely if he takes up the offer, so lets keep our fingers crossed and hope he's up for it and maybe he'll even come along this Saturday?

Which has just reminded me - I was supposed to go and see the caretaker tonight over at James Hornsby to ask about the hall hire and the possibility of using there school field as well. So lets have a look at who's potentially going to turn up this Saturday and thus gaurantee that hardly anyone will turn up.........

In batting order......

1. Thomas
2. Mark
3. Richard
4. Rod
5. Badger
6. Alex
7. Dave
8. Naughty
9. Simon
10. Trevor
11. Dan Newman

Ashley? I've also emailed Steve Bone, Tom Dick and Neil.

If any of you are reading this - I haven't go contact email addresses (Personal versions) or phone numbers for Trevor and Naughty so (Simon) can you give them a call and see if they're turning up. Tell Trevor he doesn't have to bowl.

Groundsman duties......

Friday night I'll be over at the wicket last thing mowing it. I've got the right width dimensions now and I'll mark it out (9' wide approx) and mow a nice rectangle. I've found some spray paint as well and I'll mark out the crease at both ends. The only problem seems to be marking the boundary, any temporary measures I put into place get pulled out. So again what I might do is spray dots at strategic points and then on the days we play (This Saturday) peg plastic bags on the boundary markers so it's easily seen as to where the boundary is. Three of the boundaries are almost the natural edge of the field and the short one behind the batting end facing West is the same too but a lot shorter. All we need is the corners marked out. Lets just hope what with it being ultra sunny this Saturday the field isn't awash with other people looking to play cricket on our wicket!