Friday, April 27, 2007

Saturday Practice

10.00hrs - 13.00hrs out on the field (Subject to football matches encroaching on us)
13.00hrs - 14.00hrs in the nets - bring your £10.00 subs please.

There may also be some 'afters' after the net practice as well.

It's going to be sunny so bring your sun tan cream and your hats.

Remember we've got 3 fast bowlers so bring your box and your helmet if you've got one because at 90mph the balls hurts! Boxes can be bought at JJB sports and such places. It's advisable.

Strategy - (subject to Alex saying otherwise) All of us try and stay in for at least 25 runs, go for the measured approach rather than the whack it and see approach as that doesn't seem to work. Try and build partnerships and I'll be collecting stats for bowling and run rates.