Wednesday, April 04, 2007

46 Days and counting.....

Up at 07.00hrs - 10 chin ups, 10 press ups and 15 crunches later (And that's not the caramel and chocolate type) I was out on the wicket in the frost with a couple of stumps and my 25 cricket balls. The sun gets on the wicket early so there wasn't any frost.

I then place a target 4-5 yards in front slightly to legside which I aim at trying to get the ball to turn into the stump with the flipper. I throw 25 balls up one end and then back the other end and in about 20 minutes I've thrown 100 balls back and forth. In that time I'm aiming to get the target or the stump (Yes - 1 stump not 3) and I did so 6 times and the target I hit twice. Just as long as the ball pitches around the target and turns left or goes straight on legside I'm happy. In 100 balls I threw about 10 wides.

Question. If I'm bowling to a RH batsman and pitching the ball legside and it doesn't spin in across towards the stumps is that then a wide?

Got back in did another 10 press ups and then breakfast and off to work. Hopefully I can sustain this for the next 46 days and theory is with the increase in strength and accuracy I will be Shane Warne on the day!