Thursday, April 12, 2007

36 days

Today at work Badger knocked up some stakes that we might be able to use as boundary markers, but I'm more inclined to use tent pegs with the rounded tops and just skewer a Tesco bag into the ground to indicate where the boundary is.

Tonight I had a look on the internet and found all the measurements for the bowling crease and popping crease and the width of the wicket. Yesterday I found some old cans of spray paint and this evening I went over to the pitch again with the intention of possibly marking out the boundary with spray paint. I didn't think I'd have time as it was dusk, but it didn't take that long - I just stuck a peg in the middle of the wicket and walked round with a 66 yard bit of string spraying big white dots at 40' intervals along the boundary line. The short boundary will just have to be the edge of the natural field where it meets the bushes, but the other three sides are all 66 yards. So all we'll have to do on Staurday is peg out the Tesco bags on the dots and in between and we'll have a clearly visible boundary - voila!

I've also sorted out a nice straight edge tonight so tomorrow evening or Sat morning I'll go and spray the creases, I may even mow the crease at some point tomorrow morning so it's dead short when I spray it.

Other than that I'm laying off the bowling a bit as I seemed to be suffering from a sore shoulder, so somehow I've got to resist bowling tomorrow even though it's sunny and hot and perfect for it!