Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More bowling.....

Got up this morning had half hour before going out to work. Did okay though even though it was raining lightly and was slippery and I didn't have my spikes.

42 Balls
4 x strikes
9 x Good balls (Close shave or problematic for batsmen e.g. spinning)
9 x wides

As percentages -

9.5% strikes
21% Good balls
21% Wides

The remainder were all good balls primarily going down the offside.

Evening Practice

Didn't manage to get out on the field till almost 8pm Nakul was there so we had a bit of a practice, he threw some nice spinners (Leg Breaks) and had me three or four times. I got hold of a few but as with all spinners if you go looking to make runs against them thinking that they're the easy/soft option you're always going to come unstuck!

Simon mentioned the batting order today. I think this Saturday will throw some light on who goes where. The top order Batsmen are getting very little practice and the middle order and bottom order blokes (The bowlers) are now posturing for positions further up the order. As far as I'm aware we're still leading with Mark and Thomas. The next 3 are seen as crucial to our success as these are the ones we're relying on to play a bit more cleverly - Richard, Rod and Badger. Positions 6,7 and 8 are the positions that are under seige from Me, Simon and Alex. Simon recently has played a very dogged game and very few if any have recently bowled him out and he chips away at the ones and twos nicely. So Simon at No.6? Alex 7? Me 8? Nakul at 9 and Naughty at 10?

That then leaves the last place up for grabs - Paul from the Inland Revenue? Trevor of many injuries? Dan Newman may turn up and start knocking the ball over the boundary for six as might Darren Hart, Tom Dick, Ashley the Student or even Steve Bone? Or is this an MPA 2nd XI in the making?