Tuesday, April 03, 2007

47 days and counting

There's less than 50 days now till our first proper match against the Aussies and Kiwis. The onus to win isn't as much as the match with sports science but I still wouldn't mind beating them, no actually lets get this right we are going to beat them! So with less than 50 days to go and reading tonights installment on www.harrowdrive.com relating to fitness I'm starting to get serious. Hopefully tomorrow what with a slight improvement in the weather I'll be up before work and I'll throw at least 10 overs on my pitch. Tonight I'll be starting a press-ups, chin ups and crunch fitness regime and I'll now follow that through the whole of the summer (It'll be good for the surfing in July/August. So tonight I've done for starters....
10 press-ups (easy enough)
5 Chin ups (6 would have been pushing it too far)
15 crunches.
The press ups I can do anywhere and I'll aim to get 100 of those a day within 2 weeks. The chin ups I'll aim to do 30 - 40 of those within 2 weeks over a 24 hour period and I'll throw in bringing my knees up to my chin as well as I do the chin ups after a few days.
The crunches I'll aim to do 20 of those a day. Hopefully the affect will be bowling will be easier and as I'll be bowling daily the increase in arm strength wont affect the accuracy in any adverse way? Hopefully the affect will be I'll be able to bowl the flipper for instance much faster and at a lower angle and therefore with a massive variation between flight and length?