Friday, April 06, 2007

42 days to go.....

Another mammoth bowling day, this time on my own wicket. Must have bowled in excess of 300 balls, maybe nearer 400? Progress is good but it's going to be interesting tomorrow when there's a few people to bowl at. Hopefully there's going to be a handful of us - I managed to speak to Simon, Thomas (Who's idea it was that we all get out and practice this Saturday) who both said they'd be there. My brother in Law is coming along and I left a message with Alex and Badger. Simon said he'd spoken to Badger and badger's going to be there as well so at least I think it's going to be -

Ian (Bro in Law) and hopefully Alex. It's going to be a gloriously sunny day so I'm going to be over there at 7am marking the pitch out and mowing the wicket - looking like a mental patient that's escaped from the local hospital (hence the reason for getting over there at 7am)!