Friday, April 20, 2007

Australia & New Zealand - 27 days to go

The master plan is working.......

The weather is still holding out - nice and sunny but a lot cooler, cold in fact if you're in the shade. So at 7pm tonight I was over at Great Berry Open Space with my gear, Joe and Ben. In between looking after and supervising them and playing cricket with them I managed to bowl 120 balls. The last 4 overs against a batsman - 'Nakul' who again like Ian who lives over that way looked quite handy with the bat and very agile managing to cope with the wides and getting the bat on 'em either leg or offside.

Needless to say bowling the ball against Nakul is far better practice because it was obvious that within two overs he had me sussed it seemed what with bowling flippers, so I was then forced to bowl different lengths, looping yorkers, fast yorkers (All still flippers) and then throw in a few Wrong Un's - short versions, longer versions and generally mix it up a bit and then with the last ball fast direct down the middle low flipper and got him middle stump - very satisfying!

As we packed away I mentioned that we'd be over there tomorrow between 10 and 12 ish and he said he might have a game if he was able to get over, so we might be joined by 'Nakul' tomorrow? The good thing for me is that he also bowls (Again he was very modest about his ability) so I may also get the opportunity to get some batting in and make my way up the batting order, especially if the other Great Berry bloke 'Ian' has a go as well as he throws a bit of spin i think. There was a 3rd bloke lurking around with a bat in the outfield looking as though he was gagging to ask if he could have a go. It's looking like I might be the catalyst for the Great Berry First XI over the coming months at this rate!

Anyway to my bowling stats.....

120 Balls - 9 Strikes - 31 Wides - 23 close shaves

As a percentages that's........

Wides 25.8%
Strikes 7.5%
Close shaves 20%

It's the wides I'm concentrating on and you can see I'm making progress as that the 4th consecutive reduction in the Wides percentage rate. I'm looking to get it down to 15% on a consistent basis which works out as one wide per over.