Wednesday, April 18, 2007

29 days to go..........

We will win!

Good to hear that Badger is setting up his own little private practice sessions over at Glouscester Park in the evenings concerned that he doesn't want to be seen as part of the problem as opposed to being part of the solution. Remember it's not what your team can do for you, it's what you can do for your team!

Anyway as usual I was out practicing making sure that when push comes to shove I'll feel that I will be a part of the solution and not the problem.

Brilliant weather still - slightly cooler but wall to wall sunshine. I managed to bowl 78 balls all flippers all aimed directly at the stumps. Here's the results....

22 wides.
10 Strikes.
18 Close shaves.

All the other balls were down offside possibly able to cause problems. The results as percentages are...

Wides - 28%
Strikes - 12.8%
Close shaves - 23%

All of which are good improvements on the previous results. I did at the very end change my trainers for cricket shoes with spikes and this was very much to the detriment of my bowling, so if it's dry I'll probably stick to trainers.

Batsmen News......

At work I spoke to Darren Hart and Dan Newman (Both associate photography lecturers) today and they both showed a little bit of interest in being involved. I've got their email addresses and they've got the link to the blog, so hopefully they may turn up Saturday 28th April?

Tonight just as I was throwing the last six balls before I packed up a bloke came over and spoke to me (A local that lives just off the edge of the field) and he too in his past has played cricket before. We got chatting and I told him about what we're doing and he's also interested in playing for a bit of fun, so hopefully over the coming few evenings he's going to join me out on the wicket and he too might join us on Saturday April 28th at 10.00am for a practice session? I've given him the blog address so hopefully he'll look in and keep informed as well? His name is Nakul (Sorry if I've got that wrong) we'll look forward to seeing him out on the pitch.

I also saw another couple of blokes walking down Mandeville Way with stumps and bats looking as though they'd just been using our wicket.

Informal Practice - This Saturday?

There's a chance that some of us might be getting together this Saturday over at Great Berry or elsewhere from 1.30 onwards. Anyone else interested for some extra practice (We do need it)! Let me know and I'll post who's likely to turn up - I'll be there irrespective of who does or doesn't turn up. Alternatively what about me coming out to Southend - I've been invited to play at Chalkwell Park by Westcliff Cricket Club so perhaps we could meet up there? I'm not going to play, but I'd certainly like to go and see what they're up to and how good or bad they are.