Monday, April 16, 2007

31 days.....

Couldn't force myself out of bed this morning after watching the Ireland v Bangladesh match last night. So had to wait till this evening. Once the kids were in bed 7.30 I was out over the field to Great Berry Open Space. Arrived on the field at 7.45 and had 45 minutes of ever-diminishing light. Shortly after I arrived and got my stumps in the ground one of the 'Cricket Kids' from last week turned up with his Dad and stuffed their stumps in the ground just across the way. I thre a few more balls and realised it'd be better practice if I was actually throwing them at a batsman and the Dad looked a bit handy with the bat. So I went over and suggested they faced a few balls and both of them were pretty good and I didn't get a single wicket. The Dad (Ian) was very good although every ball he played was either defensive or he just nicked it off to leg. Talking to him I found out he was a wicket keeper and when he was younger he used to play a lot. The good news is the evenings are getting longer and they're both up for 'Evening Cricket' on the Great Berry wicket so if you fancy a bit of a knock about and you're in the area come on down and have an hour if it's nice. It's good practice! If you can get over there earlier come round to my gaff and get the stumps and stuff and get set up yourself.

Before the others joined me I'd thrown 40 balls with 30% wides and a strike rate of 7.5% I was throwing flippers aimed at the middle stump. Close shaves (The ball missing the stumps by millimeters) 15%. So that represents a slight improvement.

So tomorrow - 6.30am will I wont I?