Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Format for playing on grass?

Playing on Grass

Ideally played with as many players as possible up to a number of 12? (Needs a minimum of seven of us).

Batting Team

Using some kind of random selection process choose the order that the batsmen will play in

The objective of the game is – as a partnership to score as many runs as possible before being bowled out/caught etc.

The innings start, as do any by running between the stumps to accumulate points, hitting fours and sixes. Who ever ends up at the strike end is on strike. This emphasises the necessity of communication between both players.
The individual run scores although totalled are not the issue. The partnership should look to work at getting the most affective batsman on strike in relation to who is bowling e.g. if Thomas was batting with Simon and they were facing me as the bowler the partnership should aim to get Thomas in at the strike end at the end of each run between the stumps because Thomas is possibly more affective at dealing with spin?


Working on the basis that an over takes 5 minutes to complete and the game is played over 2 hours – 24 overs may be played – the maximum overs bowled by each bowler can be 4 x 6 bowlers. Or 5 x 5 bowlers; 6 x 4 bowlers)

3 hour game 5 x 6 bowlers – 6 x 5 bowlers 7 x 3 bowlers

The order of bowling is down to the captain or vice captain when not available to field - Alex and Simon respectively.


Or we just have the closest fielder as the scorer? I feel it’s important that we keep scores accurately and analyse the stats. But I’m not sure how we can keep tabs on the scores when we’re all playing? The closest fielder seems like the obvious solution as he can talk to the bowler, batsman and wicket keeper and agree as to whether balls are wide, no balls or byes?

Maybe as an incentive we could stump up a cash prize from the subs £50 for instance for the best partnership at the end of the season? I think this way the best batsman maintains his place in a batting position for as long as he can and it offers more incentive for the bowlers and fielders to get him out and destroy partnerships with as many tactics as possible. It should make for an exciting game?