Sunday, April 22, 2007

Further evidence of the fact that I do suffer from Autism

Having wrote the heading I then did a test and came out average, so maybe I'm okay? Anyway the last of the glorious sunny days and I made good use of it bowling 180 balls. Again further improvements with my Wides down to 23%. Good balls e.g. ones that miss by millimeters or turn in the direction they're supposed to and cause the batsman problems were 22% and the strike rate was 7.7%. But the last 9 overs I had a change of tactic and this caused a much more productive section of the session. The stats for the last 9 overs were Wides 23%; Good Balls 35%; Strikes 8.9%.

Later on in the evening I went over the field with Thomas. Bowled him with the first ball and managed to bowl him a few more times and also forced a few balls that would have been caught in a match situation. But in between he was hitting me all over the park for 4, but into consistent areas so the opposing team would cover that by adding the necessary fielders. By the end of the session I was getting the hang of bowling against mixing up the fast flippers pitched 5 yards out slightly wide of off stump with slower flippers in the same area and Wrong Uns in the same area at differing speeds, doing this he was missing the ball and knocking it up high to be caught by close in fielders. I think as a bowling side we're going to do okay of we vary the pace because again facing Thomas the hideous fast balls although not nice tended to be the balls that hit me rather than the stumps. But his slow ones suddenly thrown in (Even though he took shorter run ups and you knew it was going to be slower) caused me problems. So I reckon if does those horrible nasty fast ones and then 3 or 4 balls later looks like he's going to do more of the same and then just throws it slower - that's going to be effective?

Thomas was saying that he expects that Welstead Gardens will be similar to playing in the Sports Hall e.g. he'll be able to predict the bounce off of the pitch more easily as opposed to playing over at Great Berry? Is this true - what does Simon, Alex and Richard say to that is that the case?

The reason I made the comment about autism was because people have said it about me recently and I know I'm obsessive - look......... I'm now producing graphs and stuff in excel!

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