Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Suggestions & Ideas re - practicing

I've already mentioned that some of us reckon that it may be time to give up on the net practice sessions. I had my doubts as to whether that would be a good idea or not, but Simon has come up with a good idea.....

We carry on with the bookings that we've got in place which will see us in the hall till mid May. But we only use the hall for the first hour and then move on to grass straight after saving ourselves £35 and whatever extras we have through good turn out. So we carry on paying the £10 each and bank it to go towards equipment and/or the end of season do?

That way there'd be a better turn out of people playing on the field? Potentially 8 or 9 of us and I'm sure once you've got a taste for it you'll be wanting to stay for 2 or three hours maybe even longer? With two blokes batting and up to seven fielding it's going to be similar to the real thing and a boost to our abilities and training. It'll mean

1. Batsmen will be forced to learn how to play it over the top of fielders or in between fielders and we'll then have a more realistic idea of who should play in what batting positions (I've moved up the ranks I think since Saturday because I showed that I've got the ability to get the bat on the ball and put it where I want it and I've adopted a far more agressive approach to attacking the ball).
2. Fielders Alex will get some idea of who can and can't throw a ball at a set of stumps and hit them. Who can/can't throw the ball over long distances. Who can/can't catch. Who's going to run balls down, who's going to put the effort in to back up fielders when running to the outfield, who's going to back up and cover throws in from the outfield at the non-wicket keeper end etc?
3. Bowlers who can come up with the goods on grass - execute 'bowled and caughts' as the bowler. Have the knowledge and skills to vary the pace.

Plus we all get used to having the Captain tell us what to do and where to go.