Monday, April 09, 2007

39 days to go

Another amazingly sunny day and I was able to get over to Great Berry Open Space. When we turned up the wicket was being used! My wicket that I cut was being used - but for football!!! To be fair they had been playing cricket as they were using stumps as goal post on each corner of the wicket, but that means they were using my lovely short grass wicket to play bloody football on! I'll have to get some posts and put a fence round it!

I also noticed that my boundary markers have been removed, so I've got to come up with a another solution as to how to mark the boundary in some way. I'm thinking cut a six inch square out of the grass now as a more permanent means of marking the boundary or maybe spray paint spots in the grass at intervals all the way round?

Anyway back to today I went over to the people and asked 'How do you like my wicket that I cut'? One of the blokes said 'Yeah it spins well' I asked if they wanted a game and one of the women said we're off in a minute to get some dinner and shortly they all left. I set up the stumps bowled a few balls and then was joined by a bunch of kids and within about an hour I had 8 boys playing two of which played a bit of cricket at school, both of who could bowl quite well, so that was okay meaning I got a bit of batting and bowling practice, one of the kids bowled me twice!

Now I can see a problem where if we turn up we might be faced with someone using the wicket. Perhaps we can take the mower as an indication that it's us that maintains it therefore has precedence over the use of it? Hopefully they'll either go or join in?

On the other hand I had a look at James Hornsby schools field and that's a good field and if they were to let us cut a wicket it might be another option, further more it's got a high security fence all round it and the field is enormous. I've not been out onto the field itself to see whether it's relatively flat or not so that remains to be seen. I'll try and see the caretaker and get permission to use it and hopefully it'll be free?

Cut my bowling wicket tonight and as I'm cutting it I'm moving closer to the other ends stumps but it is rough and needs rain on it to soften the surface and maybe I'll be able to roll it?

I may go and see the caretaker tonight at James Hornsby to make arrangements for the hour long net session and also see about using the field. I let you know what the outcome is later.

Oh yeah check this out - this is something I've always done with surfing and it works....