Friday, April 13, 2007

34 days to go..........

Ready for tomorrow...... 12 till 2pm. Don't let us down, we're all in this together and I've put a lot of time and effort into this........

Went for the audacity approach today and did all the cutting and marking out in broad daylight, so that people probably assumed I was doing it all officially! So midday I was measuring, cutting and spraying and here's the results ready for tomorrow.

It's looking pretty good - so I'm now thinking shall I put a fence round it and make it look like the real thing? The weird thing is when you do put a fence round a wicket people seem to respect the fact that you're not supposed to use the area for anything but cricket and they keep off it now that'd be a good blag!
Lets's hope that when we turn up at 1pm on Saturday there's not a bunch of blokes already on there using our DIY wicket!
The close up picture with my son Joe in it - the boundary behind him is the short one and the natural edge of the field will be the boundary, so if you can let the ball bounce off your bat and miss the keeper and slips by going round or over them there's fours to be had there! Or turn as the ball approaches and whack it over that way. You might all want to have a go at that when you're facing me, but I've got strategies so watch out!
I've spent a fiver on spray paint and a set of my bails got smashed last week so can I be reimbursed please?
Another idea to mark out the boundary will be Tesco bags with a stones in, so that they don't get blown away and we'll just chuck them away at the end of the game and wont have to go around banging pegs into what is now very hard ground.
Schedule tomorrow is - Start at 12 as usual at the Sports Hall, we'll only do an hour there and then at 1pm we'll get out on the field for 2 or 3 hours. See you all there.
My optimism for a good turn out this week is failing me at the moment. I'm expecting a poor turn out which is worrying considering the weather is good and we're nearing the first match. The only positive I can think of is that Badger is bringing along 'Customs Bloke' and there may be a flukey chance that 'Needy Neil' may also turn up, but I think Naughty said Neil had something on this weekend. There's also a very slim chance that Phil Buchanan could turn up as I spoke to him today and he asked about how it was going and I mentioned the session tomorrow and say he might come along. Of the regulars (people with a place in the team) we've got as many as three letting us down this week. It seems the nearer we get to the match the worse the turn out is - gutted!
Tonight I'll have another go at speaking to the elusive caretaker about our change of plans regarding only having an hour in the nets in future. I've been over there twice already this week at least and not been able to find him. I'll have another go tonight.
What with propects of such a bad turnout tomorrow I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised as it's Friday 13th.