Friday, April 20, 2007

Sports Science match news

The first match against sports science isn't that far away either (About 10 days after the Aussie/New Zealand match) so keep in mind that we've only got two official practice sessions left other than impromptu sessions like tomorrows and anything you choose to do off your own back. But realise I'm practicing virtually every night now that the evenings are getting longer I generally get over to Great Berry at about 7.30 if you want to get over there earlier just come by and grab the gear and go and I'll join you later if I can. Remember.....

It's not what your team can do for you - it's what you can do for your team.

I overheard Sports Science today and it seems they are going to have some support on the day, so hopefully we'll have the same? They've also started to teach cricket I think as they're putting together a 6 aside team and want students from right across the college, so if any of your students have shown any interest they might want to join up and get involved or form their own 6 aside team (I think there's also scope for a full team as well). So - it sounds like they may actually be doing something that approximates practicing? I'm still quite confident that we'll win by virtue of bowling, Richard Sainsbury's one man stand and Alex's captaincy. But we need the batsmen to do their stuff - all of the top order 6 to score an average of 25 runs - that's all we're asking for, not innings of 50 or 1oo, just a measley 25 and then me and Simon will try and do the same along with the rest of us in the bottom order. Let's ensure we thrash Sports Science, there's people out there that will be at the game that want this to happen, let's not let them and ourselves down, it's got nothing to do with participating it's all about winning, it's all about having an Australian national team attitude.