Monday, April 16, 2007

Batting collapse

So what's the plan - 30 days or so to go and we face Austrlians and Kiwi's? I think we've got a good bowling line up with me as a potential weak point what with the wides, but I'm working on that and hopefully you'll see an improvement over the next 30 days as we get closer to the first match. Tonights impromptu session with this bloke Ian was good as he said he was a batsman/wicket keeper and said it in a way that implied he was good with the bat and he looked it. So if I can get practice against him over the next 30 days that too will be useful? I also noticed he bowled a bit and it looked as though he was a slow or medium pace bowler, his son's quite good as well, so I'll try and face them with the bat and get some more practice in with the bat.

Simon also pointed out that in the last two practice sessions he's not been bowled out by anyone, so maybe it's Simon and Me that'll be climbing up the batting order?

So what about the batting collapse at the top order - all out for less than 75 in 25 overs - strewth that's poor! It looks like Richards our only hope of a saviour - so come on Richard get out on the grass and prove your worth! Come on batsmen do your stuff - It's not what your team can do for you, it's what you can do for your team!

Other than that we still need two batsmen on the day. Will Tom turn up? Will Ashley have a game beforehand? Will all the people that have shown an interest in playing be available for selection on the day. It might be an idea to invite all those people that have shown an interest in a game to the first match and have a choice of who then goes on to actually play ensuring that we've got the 11 safely covered? Any other suggestions.