Sunday, April 29, 2007

Nakul "The Assassin".

Just got back from a session with Nakul and Thomas. Very interesting and goes further to prove my point. As far as our team is concerned and on a rough wicket if you take me out of the bowling equation we have no means of making any runs. The point proven tonight yet again. Initially it was me and Thomas and as usual he was knocking me all over the park and there seemed to be very little I could do to get him out and just as it was on Saturday it was a run-fest. Then along comes Nakul "The Assassin". Initially I was facing him and I hit a 6 and several fours but then he got his eye in and the measure of me and probably bowled me for about 30 in three over? Then Thomas steps up. In what was probably 7-9 overs Nakul bowled him 5 - 7 times! Once again proving if you take me out of the bowling equation with the exception of Geoffrey Boycott Grainge we have no ways of making runs! Or again is it that we are really good at bowling? I think it's the earlier option we've got no batting skills. So it looks like the games are going to be short!

On a more positive note though before Thomas turned up I was having my usual bowling practice and again improvements. I only bowled 30 balls but.....

10% Wides
7% Good Balls
15% Strikes

Thomas has been suggesting that once we're on a real wicket - one that's been rolled and is flat it's going to be easier to bat because there shouldn't be as much deviation sideways as there is on our wicket because of the bumps? I don't know if this is true, I'd imagine the bounce will be slightly inconsistent up and down because of the different densities of the earth itself, but as for deviation sideways - who knows?

I'm still reeling from seeing how good the batsmen, fielders and wicket keepers were yesterday over on the 'Rec' cricket pitch, but again I suppose I should take heart in the fact that I was watching their opening batsmen and you'd expect them to be good I suppose? I suppose too I should be happy that I managed to hit several good balls off of Nakul today including a 6. With 21 days to go now till the match with the Aussies and Kiwis I'm looking to improve my batting considerably and take a far more aggressive approach and move about a bit more with my feet coming down the wicket to the bowler. It's since doing this that I've improved a lot more and that's against our bowling line up which is strong. If the bowling is weak I'm looking to score 4's and 6's at Welstead as it's got notoriously small boundaries.