Monday, April 16, 2007

New Practice arrangements & Kit

As previously mentioned what with the weather taking a turn for the better the consensus and the need dictates that we need to practice on grass. Great Berry Open Space seems to be the best option as it's flat and I'm prepared to mow it and mark it out (And it's a nice field). But it gets used by footballers on Saturday morning and afternoon. Yesterday observations and anecdotally the perception is that it's not used at all on Sunday at all.

The other perception is that it might be preferable to start earlier e.g. 10.00hrs meaning that if you want to slope off after 2 hours you have still got pretty much the rest of the day. Even if you finish at 1pm there's still the majority of the afternoon, so 10.00 am start looks good. Personally if that's the case you'll probably find me over there at 09.00hrs or at least 09.30hrs.

Having sounded a few people out those in favour of this option (10.00 am start on SUNDAY)include...

Dave, Nick and Simon. What about the rest of you? I need to know.

Oh yeah it seems a couple of people suffered in the sun on Saturday so don't forget to bring a hat and some suntan lotion or sunblock. The stupid hat that I wear (I like it myself) you can buy from millets for about £15.00 in Stone Colour.

Which links nicely with the idea of what are we going to wear as our strip. I reckon Dark Blue all over polo tops or long sleeved, shorts or track suit bottoms - all navy/dark blue with 'Stone' coloured Millets wide brimmed Aussie hats?