Saturday, April 07, 2007

Desperately seeking two or three new players

Again today talking to Thomas (who is now sharing my concerns) we desperately need at least 2 new players that are interested in playing/practicing once a fortnight or are already good batsmen to make up the numbers.

There is a list of sorts of people that have said they'll stand in for anyone that doesn't turn up or are not interested in practicing but will turn up for the matches. These people need to be primed to be ready for May 20th in the event that we'll need to call on them. The list made up of the MPA 2nd XI includes....

Matt Lindsey
Richard Sandling
Tom Dick
Steve Bone
Deano the Meano
Mark Benson
Carl Hodgson
Phil Buchanan
Simon's Dad
Chris Willets (My Father in Law)
Alex's brother

Two of whom we would like to see at the practice sessions (Tom and Ashley) before the match as these two have reputations and history of playing at county level when they were younger.

The another plan maybe to organise your own stand in so if you have to let us down yourself you'll have someone lined up to replace you?