Sunday, April 29, 2007


I was so wrapped up in playing on Saturday that I forgot to collect the subs money. I've recorded who was in attendance so I'll catch up with everybody at the next scheduled practice mid May and have £10 quid off you all if you go on to attend both sessions (28th April and the coming May 12th).

The situation with subs as discussed previously is that now that we're no longer paying for the hall we'll only pay in £5.00 per practice and this will go towards equipment and possibly an end of season do.

Recently through all of the practicing that's been going on I've lost a load of my balls so tonight I've ordered 12 off of ebay to replace the missing ones (£28). Other purchases have included spray paint (White lines on pitch), String to measure pitch out and I've bought some stumps for the nets next year. The account at the moment is in credit £42. If anyone wishes to see a break down of the accounts please do not hesitate to ask me and I'll email you the spreadsheet as an attachment.

In addition to paying for the practice sessions I also reckon we should pay £5.00 to play in a match as well. Which brings me to the question what kind of a ball are we going to play with and who's obligated to supply the balls at the match?

I've just looked and it seems that as we're the hosts we're obligated to supply the balls? It seems 6 of the slazenger type would do the trick

Slazenger County Match balls.